Angelina Joile – Before Brad Pitt
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June 15, 2006 | Posted In: Angelina Jolie

Before Brad Pitt and the nest full of kids, Angelina Jolie was the sexiest and most sought after female on the planet. Maybe it’s her wild tattoos and exotic sexual escapades or maybe it’s just because she has the sexiest lips of any women ever. Whatever the reason people were drawn to her like nothing I had ever seen before.

But now with all the kids and her play toy Brad Pitt, I think some of her hotness has shifted, especially now that she’s become so political and outspoken. Now don’t get me wrong, I’d send Mr. Penis over to her house in a second if I had a chance to sleep with her, but sadly her once radiance is slipping, and it’s showing.

So today when I found these pictures of her, It reminded me of the Angelina Jolie that we all want. I’m not sure when these pictures were taken, but she has short hair and looks extremely sexy.

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