Beyonce Knowles

Featuring the hottest nude pictures and videos of superstar Beyonce Knowles

Check out these pictures of Beyonce Knowles in a sexy little yellow bikini aboard a yacht that are smoking hot; mad props to the photographer for getting some ass shots.

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The word around the camp fire is that Beyonce Knowles will be doing Playboy Magazine in the very near future. Who knows if she will or she won’t but I’d love to see her naked, she has an ass that just won’t quit. Until then, we will have to make do with these pictures of her for an upcoming spread that will appear in Sports Illustrated. Enjoy.

These are some of the hottest pictures I’ve ever posted of Beyonce. She’s wearing some sort of a see through top and just looks stunning. Personally I’m more of an ass man, so I’d prefer seeing her in a thong, but I’ll take what I can get.

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Beyonce Knowles looks hotter than ever. These new bikini candids of her are some of the hottest pictures I’ve ever seen of her. She has one smokin’ body, and she can help stop the Hollywood skinny trend by just sharing with them one secret: You have to eat to get booty. Just look at the first picture in which Beyonce proudly demonstrates on how to properly eat a sandwich.

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Beyonce’s ass looks like a chocolate cream pie. All it needs is a little whipped cream and it would be complete. It’s a work of art really, all jiggly and luscious, just ready for someone to lay a plate of soul food up on it and settle in for a long night of bliss.

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In the battle of who has the best ass in Hollywood, Beyonce Knowles comes in 3rd in my book. I still think that Vida Guerra has the best ass, and I guess you can’t dismiss Jennifer Lopez when it comes to that category so she comes in second so that puts Beyonce in 3rd place. Now that could change at anytime, some picture of Beyonce is a thong could probably push her into second place behind Vida, but for now she remains number 3.

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