Catherine Zeta Jones

Catherine Zeta Jones
is way hotter than I thought she was. I remember a few years ago when the pictures of her popped up on the internet with her pregnant, smoking topless on a balcony and she had those super sausage looking nipples and I thought she was pretty nasty. Then Ocean’s 12 came out and she totally redeemed herself in my eyes. But today I got a hold of these pictures of her in fishnet stockings where she acts all drunk and slutty – and now I’m a firm believer that Michael Douglas is one hell of a lucky man.

Sorry guys, just a news bumper, not a babes article. But apparently Catherine Zeta-Jones has such huge nipples that she often employs sticky tape fashioned into an X shape across her high-beams while she’s on camera. DAMN, that’s hot! But wouldn’t you think having perky fem-bot nips protruding through your blouse be a good thing? I assure you the movie could be a Shakespeare tragedy or a chick-flick and the moment the watercooler talk brings up how her nipples were practically trying to drill their way out of her shirt, the 13-30 year-old male butts would pack the theater seats.

Lose the self-conscious horse-shit and ditch the tape, Catherine. But first, if any of you fucking papparazzi can get footage of her with the X-pasties, I’d love you forever…

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