Category: Celebrity Nip Slips


Brittany Daniel Bikini Nip Slip

Check out this banging beauty Brittany Daniel and her sexy beach bikini nip slips. Hot as fuck.


Vicky Jeudy Nip Slip At The SAG Awards

Here are some very nice nip slip pictures taken of Vicky Jeudy at the SAG awards, and I have to admit that is one sexy nipple.


Nicki Minaj Nip Slip

Here is a pretty sexy nip slip picture of Nicki Minaj taken as she performed recently. Check her out nude here.


Rihanna Nip Slip

Rihanna has such an amazing body and her little nipples are just about perfect. Anytime new pictures of her pop up, Im always eager to get them posted up. Check out...


Melissa Reeves Nip Slip And Ass Flash

I have never really heard of Melissa Reeves before, I guess shes some sort of British reality TV star, but now I’ve officially been introduced and Im in love. She...


AnnaLynne McCord Slips A Nip

I hadn’t seen or heard of AnnaLynne McCord in quite some time, but this new nip slip pictures of her are phenomenal.


Jennifer Lopez The Golden Globes Nip Slip

Jennifer Lopez slipped a bit of a nip at The Golden Globe Awards Last night, and she simply looks amazing, maybe better than she ever has.


Pamela Anderson Slips A Nip In A Car

Sure we’ve seen her nipples and her naked a million times, but I can never get enough of seeing her beautiful body, no matter how old she gets. Other Pamela...


Olivia Munn Nipple Slip

Here is a pretty nice nip slip shot of Olivia Munn taken on one of her recent photoshoots. I’d much rather see her naked, but this will do for now.  


Nina Agdal Nip Slip Pictures

Here are some fantastic nip slip pictures of Nina Agdal that popped up today, and they are incredible.