Claudia Romani

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I LOVE posting bikini pictures of Claudia Romani, and by chance today I found some high resolution pictures of one of her recent paparazzi outings, and found some very hot crotch shots, which gives us a pretty nice celebrity pussy shot. If you haven’t checked out her out yet, I HIGHLY suggest you do so immediately.

I post bikini pictures of Claudia Romani so often that I feel like I’ve run out of things to say. I mean, yeah, she’s perfect. She has a Grade A ass, perfect smile, best body EVER, but what I like the best about her? Her hair. Could you imagine hitting it from the back with that long hair running down her back? Unfortunately she has assured me VIA/ twitter that she will NEVER have a celebrity sex tape, so for now at least, I have to keep day dreaming about it.

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