Emily Procter Nude
Posted On:
March 1, 2013

Emily Procter is one of my all time favorite chicks on TV. She always looks so damn sexy on C.S.I handling all those guns, and after seeing her naked, she may be my favorite all time TV blonde.

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Emily Procter Maxim Magazine Pictures
Posted On:
July 9, 2007

Holy fucking balls I’ve been addicted to Emily Procter ever since I saw her in the movie Breast Men where she showed off her lovely breasts. Now she’s on CSI Miami and I can watch her every week shooting guns and being in charge. Here she is now in a Maxim magazine photoshoot, my only complaint is that she is wearing way too many clothes.

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Emily Procter Learns How To Use Windows Vista
Posted On:
January 28, 2007

Emily Procter the hot chick from C.S.I Miami looks cute in these pictures pretending that she knows how to use a computer. But I won’t hold that against her, I still thinks she’s hot as fuck.


Emily Procter Topless Pictures
Posted On:
July 7, 2006

Emily Procter is one of the sexiest female celebs on the earth. I’ve watched her for years on C.S.I Miami roughing up bad guys and testing and shooting firearms in the crime lab. I’ve seen explored the world of Emily Procter and fond that she was topless in 2 movies, one called “Breast Men” with David Schwimmer (from Friends) and a sexual drama called “Body Shots”. So bring the pervert that I am, I spent a few minutes tonight putting together some pictures of her, mostly topless for you all to enjoy.

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Emily Procter In Sexy Lingerie
Posted On:
June 5, 2006

Emily Procter is one of the hottest blondes on TV. She’s on the TV show C.S.I Miami, a show that I actually watch just to fantasize about her shooting guns. I wish I could get her alone in a crime lab with a case of KY Jelly, a shot gun and a handful of laxatives.