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Holy fucking balls I’ve been addicted to Emily Procter ever since I saw her in the movie Breast Men where she showed off her lovely breasts. Now she’s on CSI Miami and I can watch her every week shooting guns and being in charge. Here she is now in a Maxim magazine photoshoot, my only complaint is that she is wearing way too many clothes.

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Emily Procter is one of the sexiest female celebs on the earth. I’ve watched her for years on C.S.I Miami roughing up bad guys and testing and shooting firearms in the crime lab. I’ve seen explored the world of Emily Procter and fond that she was topless in 2 movies, one called “Breast Men” with David Schwimmer (from Friends) and a sexual drama called “Body Shots”. So bring the pervert that I am, I spent a few minutes tonight putting together some pictures of her, mostly topless for you all to enjoy.

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