Farrah Abraham 2 Backdoor And More
Posted On:
February 12, 2014

Farrah Abraham Sex Tape Part 2
Posted On:
February 12, 2014

New Farrah Abraham Sex Tape Coming Out Soon: Farrah 2: Backdoor and More
Posted On:
February 7, 2014

farrah abraham sex tape

Just got word that a brand new celebrity sex tape of Farrah Abraham is coming out soon that is even better than the first. I know it’s hard to imagine Farrah getting any dirtier than she did in the first, but lemme tell you, I’ve seen it – and it’s incredible.


In this new sex tape, she uses a number of fetish sex swings and gets fucked like she’s been doing hardcore porn for years. She also gives her co-star a lap dance that would put most strippers to shame. Personally, I can’t wait.


So you can do 2 things. Go sign up now and when it releases next week, you will be one of the first to have access OR, check back here for more information. It’s up to you. if I were you, I’d go over and sign up now. It’s only $4.95 and you get access to 20 other celebrity sex tapes. It’s definitely worth it.



Farrah Abraham Ft. Lauderdale Bikini Pics
Posted On:
September 4, 2013

Here are some new bikini pictures of Farrah Abraham on her attention whore tour of 2013.


Farrah Abraham Showing Off Her New Tits
Posted On:
June 23, 2013

Yippie, Farrah Abraham got new tits. Yay! For some reason she waited until after she released her anal sex tape, but hey, we never said this chick was very smart. Her new tits look okay and take some pressure off of her face, which is good, but she still looks a bit off to me. Who cares though, her sex tape rocked!


Farrah Abraham Vegas Bikini Pool Party Pics
Posted On:
June 17, 2013

So what do you do as soon as you record you very own celebrity sex tape? Well if your Farrah Abraham, you go out and get your tits enlarged. Even though she’s pretty damn ugly from the chest up, her ass is amazing and I’d still love to get all up in that.


Farrah Abraham Sex Tape Revisited
Posted On:
June 7, 2013

I’ve had a chance to reflect on the Farrah Abraham sex tape, and I still feel the same way. It’s FUCKING AWESOME! Sure, she’s a bit crossed eyed and has a bit of a horse face, but she can fuck like a nympho on crack cocaine. She gets fisted, squirts, gets fucked up the ass and swallows a mouth full of cum. James Deen fucked her proper, and I only wish I could get a chance to experience her first hand.

Anyways, if you haven’t yet watched it – click on over and download it, you will definitely enjoy every second of it!


Farrah Abraham Sexy ASS Bikini Pics
Posted On:
June 5, 2013

Sure, I’ve seen Farrah Abraham fisted, fucked in the ass and swallowing a face full of cum, but these new bikini pictures of her still excite me. Sure, she looks a bit like a horse, but her body is tight, and I know for a fact that she’s a freak.


Farrah Abraham Sex Tape Update
Posted On:
May 10, 2013

If you ahven’t seen the Farrah Abraham sex tape yet, you are in the minority. It’s the hottest selling celebrity sex tape in a few long time, and is worth you checking out. It is incredible.

Download it here.

The sex tape features masturbating, oral, anal, ass to mouth, cream pie, squirting and swallowing. This is the hottest celebrity sex tape you will ever see!

Download it here!

Download the Farrah Abraham sex tape here!


Farrah Abraham Anal Sex Tape
Posted On:
May 9, 2013

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