Mr. Skin

Holly Valance

Holly Valance is as hot as a fireball in the mouth of a prostitute. Here she is poolside in some nice bikini candids. Have fun.

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Holly Valance is back on The Feeding Tube’s radar screen after this hot-as-balls Arena Magazine photo shoot. We haven’t posted much of her recently, but hopefully this will make up for lost time. Enjoy.

Check out our other posts on Holly Valance.

Maybe it’s the painkillers I’ve been on since yesterday when I broke half my foot, but is this chick hot or what? Sure, she might be a little thick in the face, and the short bangs make her look like she stepped out of an 80’s video set in an Amish community. But I doubt any of you would kick her out of bed or even take the time out to dim the lights should you find her sprawled out on your Sleepnumber. Well, maybe some of you. But that’s probably only because you googled ‘The feeding tube,’ thinking it was slang for gay men fellating each other…

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