Iggy Azalea

Celebrity Sex Tapes, Iggy Azalea

The Iggy Azalea sex tape video has offically been leaked as you can see from the screen captures below. She will deny it, but the tattoos she has is shown in the sex video, so no matter what Iggy says, we all get to see her get nasty fucked from this new video.



Iggy apparently loves playing with her ass while she gets fucked and whoever the guy is that is filming, he surely doesn’t mind the way she is bouncing it all over his dick like a true porn whore.

Check out the full video here.




Iggy Azalea

Vivid claims to have possession of a sex tape of Iggy Azalea that is supposed to be the best one to have come down the pike since the Kim Kardashian sex tape. She is currently claiming that the woman in the video is not her, but we all know how that is going to play out, if Vivid claims it’s her – it probably is.

You can check out Vivid’s huge collection of celebrity sex tapes here, and if you want first dibs on it, go ahead and sign up now and be one of the first to have it.


I can’t wait to see this sexy body getting fucked. Can you?

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