Janet Jackson

This video of Janet Jackson sunbathing nude is a bit dated, but I stumbled across it tonight and thought it was worth posting. Sure, she was a bit chunky then, but try and tell me that you wouldn’t give her a go in the sack, and I’ll call you a fucking liar.

This has been a good couple of months for Janet Jackson. First she was on the cover of KING magazine looking hot-as-balls, and now here she is on the cover of GIANT Magazine. She doesn’t look as good as she did in KING Magazine, but she looks great after ballooning up to the size of a blimp last year.

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Last week we posted the new cover of KING Magazine that featured Janet Jackson, and today I’m posting the rest of the pictures of her from that shoot. I know she’s Michael Jackson’s sister and all but she looks pretty fucking good in these pictures, she just has an amazing body.

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I just got this picture of Janet Jackson in the November issue of KING Magazine. King Magazine is a men’s magazine that typically targets African American males. However, I’ve always been a fan of KING Magazine, and I don’t know how they managed to do it, but they have made Janet Jackson look incredibly fucking hot on the cover of their November issue. It almost makes me forget she’s Michael’s brother, almost.

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Janet Jackson is back with a vengeance. After reportedly losing a lot of weight, people say she was fat (not us), and a new album on the bubble she went all out and took almost everything off in this hot FHM Magazine photo shoot.

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Janet Jackson has finally lost all of the fat and now looks fine as fuck once again. Her face is still jacked up like a stripper on cocaine, but her body is top fucking notch. I still can’t get over the fact that she’s fucking Jermaine Dupre, that dude is like 4 foot tall and is just as ugly as she is.

A while back we posted photos of a tremendously fat Janet Jackson about to go on a hardcore diet and exercise regimen. Well, I think it’s safe to say she got her money’s worth, because she’s looking a whole lot better. While I DO commend her on her weight loss, I’ve heard rumors that she habitually gains and loses drastic amounts of weight between touring schedules. I can’t say that’s a very healthy thing to do. But whatever, she’s looking good now, so I guess she’s about to promote a new album.

I really do recommend that she not wear those pants anymore, though. Camoflauge doesn’t hide a big ass…don’t let the concept fool ya…

Janet Jackson finally took a look in the mirror and realized she may have plumped up a bit. So she’s enlisted the aid of Tony Martinez, since she’s a pork roll with absolutely no self-restraint. Martinez has her on a stringent diet of salad, fruits, and vegetables, as opposed to her usual diet of butter, chocolate, and baby hippos. You know, I say fuck her fat ass if she can’t take the necessary steps to diet and exercise on her own. I had a friend who decided being a sexless, 300-lb loser was not the way to go, so after doing situps until he dropped for several months, he slimmed down to an impressive 210 lbs. Now he gets more ass than he can handle. If that’s not a good enough reason to want to put down the Twinkie and Miracle Whip, then I don’t know what is. It’s just ridiculous to think that you should pay someone a hundred bucks an hour to help you quit being a fat fuck. Hmm, on second thought, maybe there’s merit to this racket. Hey Janet, stop eating! Go run around the fucking block a few times! You can contact me here so that we can discuss my payment…

The guy who photographed Jennifer Aniston topless is lashing back at the actress for hitting him up with a lawsuit. He claims he wasn’t trespassing, and was merely trying to obtain photos of her and her pusbag for a new boyfriend, Vince Vaughn. He initially defended his actions by saying this,

“When I saw her come out topless, I go, ‘Oh, God, this is not what I want, this is not what people want to buy anyway.’ I haven’t sold those pictures anywhere.
You know, they’re suing me and all the publications who are publishing them, and I haven’t sold them anywhere.”

But then he responds with THIS,

“Sending the topless pictures along with (the other photos) was maybe my mistake. But I wasn’t intending to sell those.”

Talk about your all-time contradictory statements. But even though the guy is clearly a fucking liar, I’ve seen the photos of her tits, and frankly the only thing fascinating about them is they’re attached to HER. Honestly, what the hell is so wrong about showing these photos anyway? Is it because she’s embarrassed about the sheer ugliness of her bulbous nips, or is it a modesty thing? I think if you’ve made the decision to become a TV and movie star, then the act of you sunbathing topless in a fenceless backyard is open season for your tits being posted on the internet. You should consider yourself honored that people want to see them in the first place.

The same goes for Janet Jackson. She threw a shit-fit because some papparazzi (read:paid stalker) videotaped footage of her sunbathing completely naked by her pool and basically playing the bongo with her chunky ass-cheeks. Normally, the thought of a fat chick laying naked and slapping her own ass would make me want to re-enact the violent hangover I had this morning. But since it was Janet, it’s actually worth watching. But NOOO, you can’t fathom the idea of people wanting to see you in your birthday suit, can you? Which makes absolutely no sense after the spectacle you made of yourself during the Super Bowl halftime show a few years back. Do you really think anyone believed you hadn’t intended to flop your tit out on live TV? That gaudy nipple cover told me otherwise.

I guess I can understand why you would be a little leary of wanting the world to see your baby-feeders and food-exit. But threatening to sue people for showing photos of you naked and OUTSIDE of your house is pointing the blame at the wrong person. I think if I ever walked outside butt-naked I’ve pretty much relinquished my right to privacy, even if I was on my own property. And the neighbors can feel free to take photos all they want (or more likely, call the cops on me…again.) All I’m saying is if you don’t want the world to see you naked, try confining the act of nudity to in your own house. It’s called common fucking sense. Use it.

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