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Kelly Hu As A Sexy Soldier Girl

Kelly Hu appears in the new video game Command & Conquer Red Alert 3, as a bad ass soldier girl and here are a few of those promo pictures.

Kelly Hu Rocks The Vote

Here are some pictures of Kelly Hu showing off her amazing stomach at some Rock The Vote function. I bet she couldn’t even tell you the Presidential candidates without...

Kelly Hu Sexy Bikini Picture

I found this one bikini picture of Kelly Hu tonight and it’s a shame I couldn’t find anymore, because she is smoking fucking hot with an incredible body.

Kelly Hu Sexy On A Plane

Kelly Hu graces The Feeding Tube with some pretty sexy pictures of her in a plane. She could be standing at a stop sign wearing a rain coat and I’d post the pictures.

Kelly Hu in Unleashed Magazine

Kelly Hu is hot-as-fucking-balls. Check out these pictures of her in Unleashed Magazine, she just looks insane. I haven’t posted much of Kelly Hu on The Feeding Tube,...

Kelly Hu

You fuckers remember this hot piece from the movie X2? Well, I do. And let me just tell you she can kick my comic-book loving ass any day, and I’d just beg for...