Kelly Hu

Here are some pictures of Kelly Hu showing off her amazing stomach at some Rock The Vote function. I bet she couldn’t even tell you the Presidential candidates without looking at cue cards, but that just means she’ll probably end up voting for Obama.

Kelly Hu graces The Feeding Tube with some pretty sexy pictures of her in a plane. She could be standing at a stop sign wearing a rain coat and I’d post the pictures.

Kelly Hu is hot-as-fucking-balls. Check out these pictures of her in Unleashed Magazine, she just looks insane. I haven’t posted much of Kelly Hu on The Feeding Tube, but this post will change all of that; she is definitely back on my radar.

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You fuckers remember this hot piece from the movie X2? Well, I do. And let me just tell you she can kick my comic-book loving ass any day, and I’d just beg for more. This little Asian beauty is can suki my yaki until my toes curl…

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