Roseanne Barr the next Nostra-dumbass?

According to the prophecy (read: Rosie’s deluded babblings, possibly due to her daily intake of laced Krispy Kremes,) The world will end in July of 2006. Now I know she’s just yanking our chain, but her humorous slant on foreseeing the future has been taken so seriously that has deemed it newsworthy. So allow me to finish what she started. After the coming Apocolypse, the liberal bastards will have mutated into ACTUAL pussies, overwhelming the entire West Coast with the stench of irradiated dead fish. Middle America will be constantly terrorized by the new regime of sentient John Deere tractors. And the East Coast, well let’s just say most everyone will be decimated due to the Puerto Rican/Cuban war of August 2006. Those left living will be enslaved as either pig farmers of cigar-rollers. In fact, the only sanctuary left will be Texas and Alaska. But good luck getting there. All the Texans will line the borders with 30-ought-6’s, and let’s face it; Alaska is just a sucky place to live. As far as the rest of the world is concerned? I don’t really give two shits. Except for Iceland, that is. You guys rock…

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